Five Poker Games A Beginner Must Learn

Poker’s popularity has been increasing over the years. Playing poker is common for people nowadays. Some enjoy playing this with their friends or relatives for socializing purposes. Some play to relax and get away from their daily stress. Some play this as a hobby to pass time when they have nothing to do. And there are some who play for the great rewards it has to offer. If you are one of those who haven’t tried it yet, here are five popular poker games you must try.


  • Texas hold’em

People consider this as the most popular poker game. It is great for beginners and favored by many. The rules and mechanics of this game are easy so it is suggested to start your poker adventure with this game. This game uses a dealer system. A round disc called a dealer button moves clockwise each hand. This marks the player who would be the dealer for games that are self-dealt. It is advisable to figure out the blinds and basic know-how before joining a poker game. Look into strategies based on skill level.

  • Omaha

After learning Texas hold’em you are now ready for Omaha poker. This game has many similarities with Texas hold’em. The difference is that in Omaha, you will receive four hole cards instead of two. Only two cards can be used from a player’s hand. There are a lot of variations of Omaha you can check out after learning the basic Omaha poker.

  • Seven-card stud

It was popular before Texas hold’em became the most popular. This game is played with two to eight players. It doesn’t have a flop and community cards. It is most often played as a limit game. Players must pay attention to their opponents’ cards. Analyzing the opponent is important. This will make you estimate the odds correctly.

  • 2-7 Triple draw

If you are ready for a more advanced poker game then you can try out this game. The goal is to make the lowest possible five-card hand. This has four rounds with three draws a game. In 2-7 triple draw, aces play high and deuces play low. It basically has the same structure as Texas hold’em. It also has the dealer system.

  • Chinese poker

This is a relatively new poker game. It is starting to get more popular because of its unique gameplay. Players play for points instead of rounds. This game is close to card games like gin rummy or heart. This game is quite addicting once you get the hang of it.

Finding a great place to play poker can sometimes be a burden. Playing online is more convenient in so many ways. A live game is exhilarating but takes more effort. Try out and practice the poker games mentioned above. Take your chance and hone your skills. Only with practice can make you better. Analyze your opponents and come up with strategies. It is better to enjoy the game than focus on winning.